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  • Рыбная мука - сверхценный источник протеина и аминокислот в рационе свиней, птиц, пушных зверей, рыбы
  • Высокая усваиваемость рыбного белка и насыщенность жирными кислотами, полезными минералами, аминокислотами, витаминами делает рыбную муку незаменимым компонентом при производстве кобмикормов
  • Высококачественные протеины в составе рыбной муки в комплексе с витаминами, минералами и аминокислотами значительно повышают производительность животных и птицы
  • Экологически чистое производство рыбной муки в удобном уголке Киевской области.Качество подтверждено соответствующими сертификатами
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Feed meal from fish waste is an effective solution to the problem of complete protein feeding of farm animals and poultry. Fish proteins and their sources of origin are highly important for the effective cultivation of farm animals and birds.
The increased feed value of fish protein products is created by the following characteristics of their chemical composition and biological properties:

  • Fish proteins - maximally saturated with all essential amino acids, in optimal ratios in terms of animal and poultry nutrition.
  • Fish proteins are the absolute leader in the concentration of essential amino acids ingredients that are perfectly balanced in their ratio for feeding animals and poultry.
  • Fish protein digestibility is one of the highest among known feed proteins and is 85-92%.
  • Effective growth factor is always present in fish feed products.
  • High-quality fish feed products are an excellent source of mineral and vitamin supplementation for the body, characterized by a sufficient concentration and a large assortment of these BARs and a high degree of their absorption in the body.

Our company is working on expanding and improving the range of feed additives from fish raw materials used for feeding farm animals and poultry.

The main product that is produced at the enterprise is high quality fishmeal, as well as feed additives based on it:

  • Protein-mineral vitamin supplements (PMVS). PMVS consist of quality vegetable raw materials, vitamin blends of imported production, amino acids, mineral supplements, as well as fish meal of its own production and blood meal.

The use of fishmeal of own production in the compound feed and PMVS gives high feed qualities:

  • High concentration of essential amino acids
  • easily accessible trace and macro-elements
  • vitamins
  • Fish protein available
  • natural taste of fish

We offer PMVS of our own production for pigs and poultry.