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"12" February 2020

Object (s) of test and identification number (s): 000502e/1/20- Fishmeal.

Date and place of selection: 06.02.2020 p., Limited Liability Company «Kormoresurs», 08750 UKRAINE, Kiev region, Obukhiv district, Hryhorivka, Zavods᾽ka str., 12.

Selected: Head of the antiepizootic department of the Obukhiv DLMM Serbinov SI, and the director of the Limited Liability Company «Kormoresurs» A.I. Kalnobrodskyi.

Тhe act of sampling No.1 from 06.02.2020


Date of receipt of the sample: 06.02.2020 at 14 o'clock 29 min


Selection of samples according to "Procedure for the products᾽ samples selection of animal, plant and biotechnological origin for research conducting of June 14, 2002, No.833

Manufacturer: 000502e/1/20 - Limited Liability Company «Kormoresurs», 08750 UKRAINE, Kiev region, Obukhiv district, Hryhorivka, Zavods᾽ka str., 12.

Date of manufacture: 000502e/1/20- december 2019. Accordingly, the term of implementation in accordance with the normative documentation. No. 000502e /1/20.

Weight (volume) of the lot from which samples are taken: 000502e/1/ 20-200.0 t.

Name and address of the customer: LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY " Kormoresurs ", 08750 UKRAINE, Kiev region, Obukhiv district, Hryhorivka, Zavods᾽ ka str., 12.

Qualitative certificate: 000502e/1/20 - No.3 dated 06.02.2020.

Purpose of the test: Test of conformity of sample 000502e/1/20- Fishmeal on biochemical, bacteriological, histamine, melamine content, on the content of radionuclides, physico-chemical indicators, respectively TU U 10.9-23239531-002: 2014.

Term of the test:

000502e /1/20-Fishmeal
Biochemical studies

Name of product
МДР for regulatory documents
research results ***
correspondence mark
Moisture,% no more than 10


Mass fraction of raw Protein in dry matter % not less than 60 62.60 corresponds
Crude ash,% not more than 18,0 6.27 corresponds
Mass fraction of crude fat,% not more than 15,0 8.49 corresponds
Mass fraction of crude fiber in dry matter,% not more than 6,0 3.95 corresponds

Bacteriological studies

Enteropathogenic strains of E. coli not allowed not selected corresponds
Total tank pollution of thousands of microbial bodies in 1.0 g not more than 500,0 7,5*10³ corresponds
Salmonella not allowed not selected corresponds


Histamine, mg/kg not more than 500,0 34.0  corresponds


Mass fraction of melamine, mg/kg not allowed not detected (<0,5****)  corresponds


The content of radionuclides Cs-137, Bk/kg not more than 600,0 <7,72  corresponds
The content of radionuclides Sr-90, Bk/kg not more than 100,0  <3,97 corresponds

Physico-chemical research

Acid number, mg/KOH not more than 30  13.0 corresponds
Mass fraction of sodium chloride,% not more than 5,0  2.5 corresponds
Nitrates, mg/kg not more than 250,0 13.33  corresponds
Nitrites, mg/kg not more than 10,0  1.17 corresponds
Peroxide number,% iodine (I) not more than 0,3 0.110 corresponds
Mass fraction of sand Alone,% not more than 1,0 0.88 corresponds
Mass fraction of free fatty acids,% not more than 10,0 6.5 corresponds
Mass fraction of volatile base nitrogen, mg/100 g not more than 100 2.305 corresponds

Conclusion: The batch corresponds to the sent sample 000505e/1/20-Fishmeal according to biochemical, to bacteriological, on the content of histamine, melamine, on the content of radionuclides, physico-chemical research indicator in accordance with requirements TU U 10.9-23239531-002:2014.

Implementation recommendations: The batch conforming to the sample: 000502e /1/20-Fishmeal may be exported to Moldova, Republic of, TAIWAN, CHINA PROVINCE, subject to compliance with all requirements of the Contract to the cargo, transport and storage rules, in accordance with the regulatory documents, subject to the current legislation of Ukraine.

Validity of expert conclusion: according to the normative documents of the manufacturer.

This expert conclusion can not be reproduced, replicated, and distributed, in whole or in part, as an official document without the permission of the Central State Testing State Laboratory of the State Consumer Protection Service in the Kyiv region and the city of Kyiv.

*** The results of the studies relate to the sample that passed the test.

**** The result of the study is less than the sensitivity limit of the method.

Director A.I. Kalnobrodskyi