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Podobed L.I. Doctor of Agriculture Sciences, Professor, Leading Researcher at The Institute of Animal Science NAAS

Here are the characteristics of only those feed additives that have shown convincing results in our studies and in which we are very confident:

  • Fish feed products
  • Lipot
  • Feed protein products of additional processing of sunflower meal
  • Feed protein products of post-alcohol bard processing
  • Feed protein products of industrial maize processing
  • New types of feed grain with high protein content
  • Bioactive supplements, premixes.

Feed additives that are created, grounded and tested in Ukraine

Fish feed products are substitutes for fishmeal. The warehouse is developed by scientists of the Institute of animal science UAAS and is produced by LLC BioPro-Agro NPP and LLC Evpatoria Fish Farm. Fish feed is an alternative to standard fish meal that is not produced in Ukraine.

AD (Fish feed additive) and FFFW (Flour feed from fish waste) are produced by LLC BioPro-Agro NPP under the patented exclusive technology of fish waste, unsorted fish, as well as end-of-life food from stores and markets. Production is an ideal, environmentally friendly way to dispose fish waste. AD includes 40-60% of high quality feed protein with a high degree of protection for fish proteins and fats from destruction and oxidation.

AD is introduced into the diet of young poultry and pigs at a dose of 3-7% by weight of compound feed and completely replaces the standard fish meal with full preservation of productive effect. In this case, the cost of AD is lower than the cost of standard fish meal by 40% in terms of protein.

AD provides increase of growth energy of young birds and pigs by 12-18% and promotes the formation of stable immunity of animals to infectious diseases.

Production of AD is in operation at the present time and is gradually increasing from year to year. The need for livestock and poultry farming of Ukraine in this supplement is more than 30 thousand tons per year.

Feed protein products of industrial processing of corn. This group includes corn protein - gluten and corn meal. Gluten production in Ukraine is exclusive and is performed exclusively at the Verhnedniprovsk Starch Mill (Dnipropetrovsk region). Demand for gluten in the state is satisfied by 20-30%.

The production of corn meal is increasing by almost 40% every year due to the increase in export of corn oil by Ukraine to the Middle East.

The justification for the use of this product in animal and poultry feeding was done by the Institute of Animal Science in 2005-2010. It has been proven that this product can replace corn in the diet by 30% while reducing the protein input rate by 15-20%. This supplement reduces the grain load of compound feed and reduces the cost of feeding by 5-15% while fully maintains the high productivity and animal health.

Corn meal is a reliable source of fat-soluble vitamins (especially E), which has a positive effect on the reproductive performance of animals and increases the accumulation of vitamin E in the muscles. This increases the antioxidant properties of the meat, which increases the shelf life of the meat.

Simultaneous AD and corn meal inclusion in the compound feed of poultry allows to minimize and even completely eliminate deficient protein supplements from poultry rations with simultaneous greening of the diet and preserving its productive action (Table 1).

Table 1. Poultry feed recipes with the inclusion of new protein supplements

The composition of recipes For layers, aged, weeks For young animals and broilers
22-40 40-60 Starting for the young eggs Finish broilers 28-42 days
Wheat 42,8 42,5 50 23,3
Maize 10 11,2 2,7 30
Sunflower cake 17 18 - 18
Soybean meal - - 22 5
Corn cake 15 12 12 15
AD 40% 3,94 4 8 3
Sunflower oil 2,2 1,8 3 3
Lysine monochlorhydrate 0,3 0,31 0,31
DL-Methionine 0,2 0,2 0,21 0,18
Threonine 0,11
Salt 0,1 0,09 0,09 0,2
Monocalcium phosphate 0,5 0,8 - 0,9
Limestone flour 6,9 8 - 1
Baking soda 0,06 0,1 - -
Premix 1 1 1 1
Together 100 100 100 100